Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lost in Snow Canyon

Saturday I woke up with the need to hike. Part of this journey is finding ourselves and I want find my fun side! We as a family like to hike on the weekends about twice a month and I have decided its time to make it a Saturday thing each week.  We sleep in most Saturdays and waste the nice cool morning to get out and play.  That's a big deal when its usually around 105 degrees daytime and 80 degrees for a low.

So we headed for the beautiful Snow Canyon...don't let the name fool you it gets extremely hot!  We decided to do 2 hikes.  The first was the beautiful Jenny's Canyon, it's a nice short warm up hike totaling half a mile.  The second we were going to do was 3 Ponds totaling 3.5 miles I figured there wasn't an extreme elevation climb so it could be fun especially with water at the end.  Well we had rain that night and in the desert rain can completely change the landscape in one storm. 

Let me tell you it did...the trail was washed out in several areas.  We ended up hiking a huge loop away from the trail and back to it finally. This unintentional detour took an hour and a half of really rough hiking up and down large boulders and rough terrain.  We didn't realize that we had gone off the trail so when I crossed another hiker I asked her if we were really close to the end.  She looked at me rather funny and said oh no you just started and pointed the way we should go and the way we should have come from.  Well that's when we headed back to the car it was hot and we had already hiked 3 miles.  The funny part is when we took the right path it took us only 10 minutes to get back to our maybe we will give 3 Ponds a try next weekend.  :) 

As for the diet...its been going ok considering this is my true battlefield. I find that without sugar I really want to eat high carb foods such as breads and fruits.  But I'm not going to be too hard on myself because a long journey starts with a single step and I feel a commitment in my core.  Its soo interesting how often sugar presents itself to me from other people...I constantly have to prepare myself for temptation. Fresh baked cookies at my moms...the guy at the drive thru trying to give me free ice-cream because he messed up my kids order...that's just in two days.

I've been trying to look at food as a nourishment for my physical body, NOT for my emotions or boredom.  Desserts = Stressed spelled backwards and I find it to be true.  As a culture we celebrate with food.  I love to cook, it brings me joy so I am working on cooking healthy only.  This is a bit rough because sweets are some of the most fun things to bake...and 99.9% of the time they turn out great because well its hard to screw up sugar baby!


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