Our Weight Loss Plan


 Our goal is to focus on whole foods and avoid the ever tempting white sugar.  We are aiming to have half of each plate of food, veggies and/or fruit the other half unprocessed protien and carbs.  Dairy should be used sparingly in our diets using almond milk instead of regualr milk.  We do cook with healthy fat just not a ton.

Protien-Unprossessed lean meat, Fat Free Cottage Cheese, Greek Yogurt and Protien Shakes.

Carbs-Whole grain pasta, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Potatoes, Oatmeal and other unprocessed sources.

Dairy- No Cow Milk (Almond Milk instead),  and Cheese and Cream sparingly.

Fats-Healthy fats to cook with (olive oil, coconut oil and always choose butter over margarine.)

Sugar-We consider sugar to be the key to our diet!  Sugar is to be used like a prescription drug.  The mind set is you need your weekly dose to be happy and healthy but if you overdose you compromise your health.  So for us we prescribe 1 dose or helping of sugar a week and here's the fun part you have to have it!


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