Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heidi and the Battle of a Sugar Free Week!

Sugar is far easier to look at than smell!!!  Holy Cow I had no idea what a great nose I had! I found a bag of chocolate chips in the pantry as I was looking for more ingredients to add to dinner.  Immediately I handed it to my husband and told him to hide it and I left the kitchen.  He was searching for a place to put the chocolaty intruder when I smelled my healthy dinner on the brink of burning so back in to the kitchen I went.  He had yet to hide the chocolate and said he needed another minute mildly exasperated I said I was fine I just needed to finish cooking dinner. 

My husband looks at me, smiles and from across the room the traitor opened Pandora’s Box in the resurrected form of a bag of chocolate… You know how they say a smell can hit you like a brick wall, well it did!  My nose was practically making love to the bag of chocolate.  I had to grab the counter to steady myself from the impact.   I regret to say I literally moaned.  I was in trouble, the cave woman in me screamed…“Chocolate Must Have Now”. I braced again for another impact, was there wind in the kitchen cruelly wafting the smell to me? The rational side of me was in a fierce battle with the cave woman side and in a tragic turn of events they both turned against me! 

The rational side spoke sweetly, almost a whisper at first, “one chocolate chip is ok…one chocolate chip one calorie right?”  Wrong, I replied with as much fierceness as I could muster.  Faintly from somewhere deep within my soul I heard a soft murmuring something about loosing battles wining wars.  My strength increased with the realization that each battle I won was one victory closer to my life long war of being overweight.  Though I may loose battles in the future, that night I had firmed up my standing and greatly increased my will to win.  With a smile of victory I gently asked my husband again to go hide the dang chocolate.

Sugar is a great deceiver!  When I eat foods with sugar, I feel temporally extra happy.  The sweetness brings me joy and comfort.  But that sweet seduction is a lie and a lure to captivity.  Though there is a temporary high the low can be far more long lasting.  The long effects of sugar I realize are not worth the temporary high.  Consuming sugar increase body fat which increases certain hormones in that fat that are linked to depression causing one to want more sugar.  It’s a sick addictive cycle. Curse you sugar!  A cloud of evil powder sugar is lifting and logic is taking its place.  For long term happiness with myself I need a healthy body and that’s what I want.  Goodbye temporary highs and comforts I want a lifetime of highs and happiness!  And no people that does not mean I am going to hook myself up to an IV of chocolate as tempting as it may be… I will just stick to my current diet plan of healthy eating and one serving of a ‘sweet’ once a week.  To see more of Shantal's and my diet plan click on 'Our Weight loss Plan' in the upper right corner of the screen.