Programs we tried...


    • Shantal-I got most of my diet info from my mom. While the high protein/low carb diet worked for a couple weeks it was financially hard to keep up.
  • Best Life

    • Shantal- sound ideas and principles. No pressure to be perfect right off.  May work if done in a supportive environment. Must have book and journal to be effective.
  • Herbal

    • Shantal-expensive start up! hard to follow directions with little support. Tried this twice and had heart palpitations the first time. Second time had zero results in weight loss.
  • Hypoglycemic Diet-

    • Shantal-this was a doctor prescribed diet. High protein, low carb, no sugar it is similar to what we are trying to do. It is effective, but hard to maintain with everyday life.
  • Reshape the

    • Shantal-one of the best programs I've used. Food plan not financially realistic, but made nutritional sense.  food and exercise was tailored to a point to fit each person. the prerecorded videos got old after a while. was fairly successful while able to afford it.
  • Six week body makeover-Michael Thurmond's six week body makeover

    • Shantal-liked this one, but hard to maintain in the real world. get an individual plan for body type with foods to eat and exercise plan. 
  • Think Yourself Thin-

    • Shantal-This is a book that I borrowed a long time ago. The concept was that one's subconscious keeps you from shedding pounds. There is a lot of self analysis and affirmations. It did help me to realize that I often sabotage myself and I was able to work through some past injuries. Unfortunately, no weight was lost.
  • Weight

    • Shantal- I have tried this twice. Once in high school and found that the using the bathroom before weighing was effective to appear to lose weight. I didn't find the meetings supportive since I was at least 20 years younger than everyone else. the second time I did it online. I gave it two months and had a hard time navigating the system and not trying to cheat my numbers.

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