Monday, November 3, 2014

Where I've been and where I will go...

Shortly after writing my last post I discovered I was expecting. It was bittersweet news. Bitter because of my previous losses and sweet because I wanted the child so badly. The pregnancy went ok. I had my struggles with gestational diabetes and my "advanced maternal age", but in the end we had a healthy baby boy. So here I am 5 months later back to the same weight I was when I started this blog.

I've learned a few things this past year or so since my last post.

  • My idea of happiness is skewed. I have relied too much on others' approval and opinions. What is said about me and to me I seem to internalize and turn negative. In the past, I felt the need to please everyone.
  • I see food as an indulgence not as fuel for my body. When I am alone I will over eat on foods that are far from healthy because I know that no one is watching. Sneaking gives me a false sense of power in my life.
  • I have become what I used despised in married women. I don't take care of myself. I'm out of shape, out of style, and out of date. My children consume all of my time. My husband and I don't date each other or get out of the house.

I read an article last week that brought to light that I truly need to find peace within myself. I need to find me and what is good, beautiful and special about me. If I don't know what that is how can anyone else see it? I'm starting with small things, like reading my scriptures and praying. Giving compliments to my family and friends that I would like to have (modeling good behavior :-).

My thought is that if I feel better about myself I just may take better care of me which will lead to weight loss...

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