Monday, November 3, 2014

To be or not to be? my thoughts on miscarriage...

You know how some people are really great at certain things, but lousy at others? Well, I am really great at getting pregnant, but lousy at staying that way. In the past twelve months I have been pregnant 3 times. How is that possible you ask? Isn't the gestation for humans 40 weeks? It sure is, but mine seem to end after 6-8 weeks. one doctor thought it was just bad luck since I have had two healthy pregnancies prior to this. The new doctor thinks that I am just getting old (36) and that this kind of thing happens as we age. I disagree with them both. I think that 1) the gamete that my DH provided was weak and 2) my progesterone levels have been very low.

My DH returned last year (August) from a deployment in the Middle East. It was a high stress/high heat environment. Male reproduction and heat do not go well together and we figure that lost baby #1 was conceived the weekend he got home. He also smoked a great deal during that time.

Second baby was conceived over Christmas. The hormones seemed to be really strong and I was so excited. then the moment came that I knew something was wrong. Had an early sonogram and again not viable. I went through labor and delivery in my own bedroom alone with my family downstairs. My heart was ripped out.

So the reason I think that progesterone is key is because when we were trying to have our first child I was put on hormones to conceive. Then after he was born I was on progesterone heavy birth control. Shortly after stopping that kind of BC I conceived our 2nd child unexpectedly.

I have convinced my doctor to give me progesterone with any pregnancies going forward...wish me luck!

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