Saturday, August 10, 2013

Like a Good Bra...

Your favorite bra is your best friend. She lifts you when you are down. She supports without constricting, pinching or leaving marks. She is always present to show off your best qualities and helps you to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

The key to a successful weight-loss plan is a good support system. A big part of my struggles in losing weight has been finding motivation and lack of support. My DH is in the middle of a lot of work and personal stress and at this moment not able to be the support system I need. My close family and friends are not able to really be there as I need them for this endeavor, so I have my sister-in-law and myself.

My wonderful SNL gave me some great advice that helped me to located some of the reasons for my self-loathing and sabotage. This revelation  helped me to realize that I am my best source of support. If I love who I am and appreciate my body, then I can make better choices. I will want to eat right and exercise regularly.

How I feel about myself is better than the support of my favorite bra. When I am confident it shows and I look good. Your best support needs to come from yourself, but a great fitting bra always helps!)

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